Hunt Test Training & Professional Handling

     Pond View Retrievers offers training for Hunt Tests. A retriever becomes proficient by attending the Yard and Field training program. (See program). Once a dog becomes proficient at a subject in the yard program it is introduced to the field training set ups. During the field training a Hunt test style set up is used to teach the requirements testing. These requirements are for the three levels of Hunt tests. AKC: Junior/Senior/Master, HRC: Started/Seasoned/Finished. Dogs of all three levels of experience attend the training set ups for field and water. The training set up is designed to be adjusted to properly challenge each dog in attendance. As a dog and handler gains knowledge the challenge of difficulty is increased. The experience that Pond View Retrievers offers here is knowing how much to challenge each team with positive results. Instruction is provided to handlers before, during and after each dog runs in a set up. In this style of training a handler is able to gain knowledge not only by the instructions but by watching dogs perform at the varying performance levels.


     Pond View Retrievers offers Professional handling services for most AKC Hunt Tests. If a dog exhibits proficiency at the level of attendance and Pond View Retrievers is attending that test we can handle your dog for you. Pond View Retrievers has always offered AKC Hunt test handling services to the clients that board/train their dog with us.    

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver with duck at a hunt test
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Jim Pickunka Retriever trainer with a dog at a hunt test in CT
Jim Pickunka Retriever trainer in CT