Private Lessons

Chocolate Lab puppy with bird

     One on one private lessons are a great way to not only train your dog yourself but learn how the training program works. In a private lesson a handler will receive instruction, work with the dog under supervision, and receive a critique followed by more instruction. Homework is provided that will take approximately two to three weeks to accomplish. If a handler should have questions or concerns during the application of the homework we are happy to help by email, call or text. While attending your first private lesson you will receive a copy of our Yard Work Program (see program). As a dog/handler progresses through the program you will also be supplied with additional supporting documents. Demonstration dogs may also be used to further assist with homework instructions. While attending private lessons a handler will be required to bring their own personal equipment. This equipment includes but is not limited to, dog training whistle, Delmar Smith Wonder lead, long line or check cord, e-collar, and a short traffic lead. So if you have the time, equipment, ability and access to the proper grounds we can help you be successful in learning how to train your dog yourself. We also do puppy lessons so please bring some of their favorite treats. When attending private lessons you and your dog are not restricted to a weekly schedule. Dogs and people learn at different rates or, life gets busy and you are unable to practice. When you believe you have completed the homework than you can email, call or text to schedule your next lesson. Private lessons are mostly taught at our facility, they are about one hour long and payment is expected at the conclusion of each individual lesson.