Field Golden Retriever with bumper

     Often times as a retriever/handler team progresses through a training program there can be missed steps, poor timing, or improperly applied training methods. Issues arise due to these circumstances and require re-training. Pond View Retrievers offers private lessons providing an evaluation for proper diagnosis and a structured process for a recovery solution. Private lessons can be scheduled to be taught at either our facility or on our training grounds for land or water.   

      Circumstances to resolve these issues are individual and may require one or many lessons. We have successfully provided many dog/handlers with help troubleshooting issues such as- Disobedience, improper e-collar conditioning, force fetch, hard mouth and vocalizing. Some of the common behaviors from the aforementioned exhibit themselves in, breaking or creeping, loss of control around the line, loss of control while performing blind retrieves, not sitting to a whistle, barking or loud whining, etc.  Maintenance for life can sometimes be the resulting solution.  In the training we are looking to re-establish a leadership role for you and a focused working frame of mind for your dog. It is our commitment to help a handler learn and understand just how critical consistency in communication and cues really are. 


     We also offer Pre-Season tune-ups through our boarding and training program.  Please feel free to call and discuss setting up an evaluation.         

Yellow Labrador in the water
Yellow Labrador Retriever with bumper