Duck hunting Labrador Retriever
Two duck hunting labs with sea ducks

     Pond View Retrievers offers retriever training for the waterfowl hunting enthusiast. The use of a trained dog while waterfowl hunting offers its own unique experience. However, to a dog Waterfowl hunting can be extremely exciting and challenging. The excitement level present in hunting has to be kept under control or your day will end in frustration. This is where following our Yard and Field training programs can give both dog and handler the knowledge required for a memorable experience afield. Hunt Test style set ups are used as structure for teaching individual situations. Dogs and handlers gain experience through this style of training helping to recognize just how the complexity effects a dogs abilities. This allows the handler to break down a situation and approach each retrieve as an individual. Even though there may be multiple downed birds, we use a “One bird at a time approach”. For the dedicated waterfowl hunter we offer Boarding & Training that is followed up with private lessons to help the owner/handler understand the correct way to handle their dog resulting in a rewarding experience. Private lessons are also available for the do-it-yourself hunters.   

Waterfowl Hunting

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Upland Hunting

Upland hunting black lab with phesant

     Pond View Retrievers offers training for upland hunting companions. The natural instincts of a retriever to use their nose and eyes to search makes them very effective in finding birds. Once scent is detected a retriever can be relentless in digging into the thickest of cover to flush a bird. With the proper training in place spending a day afield with a retriever is a very rewarding feeling. However, in most cases without training birds flush well out of shotgun range and the dog runs without control. We offer training to those hunters that would like a well-balanced retriever that hunts with control yet maintains its natural style and instinct. With the implementation of the Yard program the control required in the field is taught. This training gives us the ability to teach your retriever how to stay within easy shotgun range and how to retrieve shot birds to hand. If desired we can even teach sit-to-flush. Once the Basics segment of the yard program is completed we then add some specialized field training and your dog is ready for a pleasurable day of upland bird hunting. We also offer to our prior clients a weekly pre-season gun dog tune-up. PVR can train your dog for you or for the do-it-yourselfers we offer private lessons.   

Black field lab with phesant